GT Noise

Georgia Tech Network Operations and Internet Security Group

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The Noise lab focuses on developing new algorithms, protocols, and systems for the current and next-generation Internet, with a specific focus on network operations and security.

Our work ranges from fighting the Internet’s cybercriminals (spam, phishing, etc.) to improving Internet availability to making networks easier to diagnose and operate.  Please read the projects page to find out more.

The lab has 15 Ph.D. students, one research scientist, and three masters students.  We also host occasional visitors from universities around the world (most recently from Italy, Pakistan, Tunisia, and India).

Please contact Professor Nick Feamster if you are interested in opportunities in the lab.

Please  consider taking Professor Feamster’s Coursera Course on Software Defined Networking (SDN), which will be offered again in May 2014.  Or, if you are enrolled at Georgia Tech, take CS 8001 (Software Defined Networking) this fall or CS 6250 (Computer Networking) in Spring 2014, a project-based course that won the SIGCOMM Education Workshop Best Paper Award in August 2011 for innovations in helping students learn architectural concepts with hands-on projects and assignments.


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