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Feamster Chairs IEEE CCW Session on Home Networking




Nick Feamster chaired a session on Home Networking at the IEEE CCW Conference, and spoke in the session on Information access on the Internet.  Content of these two sessions was as follows:

Information Access on the Internet

Chair: Josh Karlin (BBN Technologies)
  • Jeffrey Knockel (U. New Mexico) [slides: pdf]
    Chinese Keyword Censorship of Instant Messaging Programs
  • Hal Roberts (Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society) [slides: pdf]
    Mapping Local Internet Control
  • Nick Feamster (Georgia Tech) [slides: pdf]
    Open Information Access: Old Problems, Emerging Challenges
  • Paul Syverson (Naval Research Laboratory [slides: pdf]
    Onion Routing 101 and Trust for Traffic Security Resilience

Home Networking

Chair: Nick Feamster (Georgia Tech)
  • Bruce Davie (Cisco) [slides: pdf]
    Complexity of Home Networks
  • Marshini Chetty (Georgia Tech) [slides: pdf]
    What are the sources of home network complexity and how can we help home users to deal with them?
  • AJ Brush (Microsoft) [slides: pdf]
    Design for the “Uninterested” End-User
  • Ratul Mahajan (Microsoft)[slides: pdf]
    View the home as a computer
  • Richard Mortier (University of Nottingham, UK) [slides: pdf]
    Homework: User-centric Networking