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Feamster Speaks at Broadband Breakfast in DC

Professor Feamster spoke on a panel at the Broadband Breakfast Club in downtown Washington, DC.  The panel was organized by, an policy and news organization that focuses on policy issues related to broadband service in the United States; the group meets about once a month.   See Nick’s comments in this video.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 11.58.24 PM

Nick Feamster, Associate Professor in the College of Computing, Georgia Tech from Broadband Breakfast.

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Lithium Controller Presented at the Open Network Summit

Nick Feamster presented the Lithium OpenFlow controller at the Open Network Summit in Santa Clara, CA, to over 900 attendees from academia and industry.  The Lithium controller allows network operators to express policies that incorporate network characteristics such as time, history, and user, thus allowing operators to express and implement policies that are inherently reactive.  Lithium is also the “back end” to the uCap usage cap management system that Feamster and his students have worked on in collaboration with Marshini Chetty and her research group.Learn more about Lithium:

We’re now looking for beta testers of the uCap application, which runs on top of the BISmark home router platform.  The routers also perform continuous active measurements of the access ISP performance; here is an example. Please contact Nick Feamster or the BISmark team if you are interested in receiving a BISmark router and trying it out in your home!