Internet2 Innovation Award on SDN Internet Exchanges

Congratulations to Muhammad Shahbaz and Arpit Gupta, winners of a new Internet2 Internet Innovation award.

Internet2 recently announced the winners of its 2013 Innovative Application Awards program. Each finalist was awarded a $10K grant to support their work building applications using Software Defined Networking (SDN) that solve the challenges faced by research, education and business networks. We are excited to recognize that two of the eight winning proposals were written by current Georgia Tech PhD students.
Muhammad Shahbaz and Arpit Gupta are working with their advisor Nick Feamster and Russ Clark, Ron Hutchins and others to build a working, commercial Internet exchange in Atlanta based on SDN technology that will finally address some of the shortcomings of BGP.
 Shahbaz and Arpit are working with Russ Clark, Ron Hutchins, and others from ColoATL to build an Internet exchange downtown at 55 Marietta Street based on SDN technology.  A preliminary deployment is already in place, and Arpit and Shahbaz are spending the summer building an SDN controller for the exchange and several new interdomain routing applications.  We’re finally giving BGP a run for its money!
Read the full press release here.