GT Noise Wins Departmental Awards

The lab was well represented at this year’s departmental awards: Russ Clark, Muhammad Shahbaz, and Sathya Gunasekaran all took home awards for their stellar work over the past year:

Russ Clark won the outstanding research scientist award.

Russ was nominated by people: Ron Hutchins, Beth Mynatt, and Nick Feamster.  Here is the text from the letters that was read at the ceremony:

Ron: “Russ is a person who gets things done. He is very much in demand as a partner for research in the new Software Defined Networking area.  He has successfully brought funding to GT that has shown GT as one of the top 5 universities in the country in this area.”

Beth: “Russ is a terrific research scientist in SCS and a highly valued colleague. His knowledge and ability to engage external industry partners is highly valued by me and others and has resulted in multiple sustained partnerships across a spectrum of topics.”

Nick: “Russ brings tremendous operational, practical experience to the research projects that he and I work on together—a practical viewpoint that has benefitted both my and my students’ research tremendously.  He provides the necessary gap between research and operations that today’s networking and system research desperately needs to be successful.”

Muhammad Shahbaz won the TA award for his work on the Coursera SDN MOOC.

Here is the text from Prof. Feamster’s letter that was read at the ceremony:

“I have found Shahbaz incredibly enthusiastic and diligent about teaching. I observed the incredibly long hours he dedicated to the Coursera MOOC—even though he received no official TA credit. His efforts were largely responsible for the success of the course’s assignments, which were successfully completed by nearly 4,000 students.  I also observed him enthusiastically and diligently answer questions from thousands of students. Everything he did as a TA, from designing assignments and quizzes to answering student’s questions and explaining concepts to smaller groups of students, was of the highest quality.”

Sathya Sunasekaran won the Donald V. Jackson fellowship for his work on Censorscope.

Here’s the text from Prof. Feamster’s letter that was read at the ceremony:

“Sathya is one of the most industrious and creative Masters students whom I have worked with at Georgia Tech.  He has a strong work ethic and, in a very short time, has gotten up to speed on a complex project on censorship and has even begun to take a leadership role on the project he is working on.”