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Computer Networks 6th Edition Released

After several years of updates and edits, we have released a new version of Computer Networks (6th Edition). As I “grew up” reading early editions of this bible in computer networking, I was excited to have the opportunity to edit the latest edition.

The new edition of the book contains many updates, including:

  • An updated introduction chapter, which talks about many of the changes in the Internet’s structure and design over the past several years (including everything from software-defined networking, to 5G, to network neutrality).
  • A completely updated section on wireless and cellular networks.
  • Updates to the chapter on the Web, including new material on QUIC, HTTP/2, and modern web design.
  • A completely new chapter on Internet security, including new material on recent developments in DNS security and privacy (e.g., DNS over HTTPS).

Pick up a copy on Amazon or the Pearson website!