Network Operations and Internet Security @ UChicago

Broadband Networks


Fixed and mobile broadband access is proliferating in countries around the world.  Thus, it is increasingly important to develop methods for measuring the performance of these networks.  We have developed a platform called BISmark that runs on routers in home networks and performs passive active measurements of network performance.  We are collaborating with the Federal Communications Commission to develop technologies to better understand access network performance in the United States, as well was with ResearchICTAfrica and other regulatory agencies in Africa and the developing world to understand fixed and mobile broadband performance in developing countries.

BISmark: Broadband Internet Service Benchmark

BISmark is the Broadband Internet Service Benchmark. It is a project led by Georgia Tech and the University of Napoli Federico II to develop an OpenWRT-based platform for performing measurements of ISP performance, as well as traffic inside the home. You can use BISmark to measure the performance of their ISP, visualize and monitor traffic patterns from your users and devices inside your home network, and manage your usage caps.

Follow our work on the Project BISmark project page.

My Speed Test

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 5.46.25 PM

Use My Speed Test for easy download and upload connection test in 40 seconds with high accuracy. Measure your Download, Upload, and Ping in real time with graphs to visualize network performance over time. In addition to the speed test also monitor application traffic data and latency timings.

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