Network Operations and Internet Security @ Princeton

Old Projects

Architecture and Software Defined Networking (SDN)

  • Routing Control Platform (RCP)
  • Network Virtualization: VINI, Trellis, and Cabo
  • Path Splicing: Better reliability and performance through scalable multipath routing
  • Switchblade
  • Transit Portal: Multiplexing BGP Connections (ongoing but currently led by USC)
  • Tiered Pricing in Internet Transit Markets

Management and Measurement

  • DHCP Lease Time Optimization
  • Ethertrace: Layer-2 Traceroute and Mapping tool
  • High-speed Network Monitoring
  • Keystone: Self-tuning IGP-based traffic engineering
  • Nano: Detecting network neutrality violations
  • Routing Configuration Checker (rcc): Detecting BGP configuration faults with static analysis


  • Collage: Circumventing censorship with user-generated content
  • Infranet: Circumventing censorship with HTTP-based covert channels
  • Pedigree: Data leak prevention with network tainting
  • Spam Filtering and Botnet Detection

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